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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris


General Conditions of Use of the site

These conditions apply to all of the sites: and  And all his other websites.  Anyone who accesses the Sites undertakes to comply with these general conditions of use. 1984 School of design reserves the right to modify and update access to the Sites as well as the General Conditions at any time. These modifications and updates are binding on the user who must therefore regularly refer to this section to check the General Conditions in force. 1984 School of Design reserves the right to modify and delete all or part of the sites without notice and without having to inform Internet users in advance.

1. Preamble

Regulation, reservation of private rights and protection of intellectual property rights:
1984 School of design is a trade name of this company. All sites and and all its other websites, its structures, its images and all other elements the components are, unless otherwise stated, the property of 1984 School of design. Any total or partial representation of the elements constituting these websites, without the express authorization of the legal representative of 1984 School of design constitutes an infringement within the meaning of articles L 335-2 and following of the intellectual property code.


Any total or partial use or reproduction of the names and logos of 1984 School of Design, without the authorization of its legal representative, also constitutes an infringement within the meaning of articles L 335-2 and following of the intellectual property code. All Content (hereinafter referred to as the "Content" and being defined as all web pages, including in particular all information, databases, data, files, images, photographs, logos, software,  audio and video animations, user interfaces, created by 1984 School of design) and and which allow access from our websites by links and through our services, is   which are likely to be protected by French legislation on copyright and/or American legislation and/or European legislation on copyright, for the benefit of its company 1984 School of design, or its content suppliers.


Any reproduction and/or representation and/or distribution of this content is therefore prohibited, except with the express written authorization of 1984 School of design. The logo of 1984 School of design, the creations inherent to the sites as well as all other distinctive signs which appear  on this website, are likely to be protected by trademark laws, in particular French, American and international. Any reproduction and/or representation and any use of these logos, trademarks and other distinctive signs is therefore prohibited, except with the express written authorization of his company 1984 School of design.

In accordance with the laws and regulations in force, in the event of a dispute over the use by  1984 School of design  private rights belonging to third parties, any interested person is requested to notify us according to the procedure described below.
Any complaint must be sent by Email:
The complaint must contain the following: 

1. A physical or electronic signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the person holding the claimed right.
2. An identification of the work or the distinctive sign supposed to be infringed, or if several elements are concerned by the same complaint, a list of the works or signs concerned.
3. An identification of the allegedly infringing elements, or if this identification is impossible, any sufficient information and to locate these elements.
4. An identification of the complainant, by his address, telephone number and, if applicable, an electronic address at which and can reach him.
5. A sworn statement in which the plaintiff declares that he can validly oppose the use of the allegedly infringing elements and that he has given no direct or indirect authorization concerning their use.
6. A sworn statement in which the plaintiff declares to provide accurate and truthful information and to have full power to act on behalf of the person holding the claimed right.

Fight against counterfeiting
1984 School of design undertakes to remove or prevent access to all web pages containing infringing elements of which it becomes aware, as well as to terminate all contractual relations with all customers or content providers found to be infringing.

2.Intellectual property

1984 School of Design cannot be held liable for damage arising from the interpretation of elements and information appearing on the sites and

3. Limitation of liability

Personal data collected from the sites and  are voluntarily transmitted by users who ask to be contacted by the 1984 School of design team. The processing of this data does not therefore have to be declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés. All this data is not used for commercial solicitation purposes, nor stored, nor transmitted to third parties.

4.Personal data

The present sites and  have been subject to measurements and analyzes in order to offer the best possible experience to its users and visitors. To do this, an analytics tool installs a cookie on the user's browser in order to be able to collect data allowing the 1984 School of design team to determine by what means and from which city the Internet user has connected to the Site (s and , However, personal confidentiality is protected because a cookie does not allow us to identify you. Most browsers allow you to manage the installation of cookies in order to better protect the privacy of the Internet user. Any visitor to the sites and  ,   may refuse the installation of the cookies sent, by setting their browser to block this installation.

5. Cookies, analytics and statistics

1984 School of design endeavors to ensure the accuracy and regular updating of the information disseminated on these Sites. 1984 School of Design  reserves the right to correct and modify the content of the sites at any time without its liability being incurred as a result, 1984 School of Design  may at any time make improvements and/or changes to the product(s) described on these sites. The prices or tariffs mentioned in our pages are those in force on the date of the last update of the site. These prices or tariffs are subject to change periodically.


1984 School of design cannot be held responsible for elements beyond their control and for damage that may possibly be suffered by your technical environment, and in particular, your computers, software, equipment, networks (modems, telephone, etc.) and any hardware used to access or use the site.

6. Content of the Site

These General Conditions are subject to French domestic law. The language of the General Conditions is the French language. In the event of a dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.

7.Applicable law


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