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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris



1. The  case

You can  :

digitize your drawings, take pictures of your paintings and notebooks, export your digital paintings, choose your best photographs and videos, take pictures of your sculptures... Your  file must be presented during the appointment or  send it by Wetransfer.  If you lack drawings you can make our  practical exercises to expand your file 

Exercises 1984

2. Interview

Prepare your speech:

We will discuss your links with the applied arts, your relationship to work and you will present your passions to us.  Finally, we will answer your questions about the school.

3. The date

Complete the form, we will call you back to agree on a date and time of appointment! You can come to school physically or by videoconference. 

Ecole Privée Design Paris - Comment l'intégrer
Processus d'Admission Ecole Arts Graphiques
Ecole Design Graphique Paris - Admissions

Admissions are open

You  wish  join 1984  at the start of the school year in September 2022  ?


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