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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris
Stage Design Graphique Paris - Métier Designer Graphique

Between July and September

 → 1 month observation

From the first year, an observation internship can be carried out. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. At this stage, it makes it possible to discover trades such as photography, screen printing, and to support visual artists, artists, craftsmen in the arts and freelancers. This experience offers the student over a period of 1 to 2 months, an immersion in the daily life of a professional and to confront the formalization of an internship report.

Stage Maquettiste Paris - Ecole Design Paris

Between July and November

 → 2 to 4 months of analysis

From the 2nd year, an internship of 2 to 4 months must be completed. Its objective is to integrate into an agency/creation studio type structure or with an advertiser. He must be part of the company as a creative within a team. The student must be supervised by an Artistic Director to capitalize on his experience. At the end of this internship, the student must formalize an internship report which describes his career.

Stage Directeur Artistique Paris - Ecole Privée Arts Graphiques

Between July and December

 → 4 to 6 months of exploration 

In the 3rd year, the student must, as part of obtaining his certification, carry out an internship of 4 to 6 months. The objective is similar to the 2nd year internship. His internship report is counted in the final marking of his diploma and evaluated by the professional jury.  Its objective is to understand the workings of the company, the various actors of an internal project, but also the customer relationship and the entire cycle of a project, from design to completion.

Réaliser Stage Design Graphique Paris - Formation Création Graphique

Between January and July.

 → 6 months towards hiring

Finally, the post-graduation year, we offer the possibility of carrying out a final 6-month internship which promotes integration into the professional world. It is the springboard for students to confirm their skills and often to get their first job.

Description of the internships


You are an agency, a studio, an advertiser or a freelance artistic director and you are looking for  a committed, reliable and curious intern? 

You are in the right place !

Our internship periods begin in July and end  in January. It is essential that the intern be supervised by an artistic director for us to validate the internship. 

"I'm going to start my 4th year and I'm doing an internship at the Elmo agency specializing in motion design. And it's a real chance. Thanks to this internship, I'm exploring new things: scenographic animation for concerts on giant screen, animated videos for fashion collections or illustration animation for large groups.This 2D and 3D animation internship allows me to go further in this specialty and to confront myself in the field. with projects crazier than each other!”

Paul-Edouard Carrera

3rd year internship

"When I arrived for an internship at DDB (my previous internship) or at We are Social, I realized that I was relevant in my proposals, in my speed of execution and in my adaptability to different briefs.


In addition, thanks to our design thinking courses, my thinking and creation methodology was a strength. I was also easily able to adapt to the teams I was able to work with, precisely because the agency part of the school taught me how to do it.

The listening and the attention offered to me by the school, gave me the courage and the confidence necessary to believe in my projects and gave me the tools to defend them. Today I consider my future job as a playground where there are rules but always something to have fun and enjoy.

I deeply believe that to date, very few training courses have the patience and intelligence of this school of graphic design to offer this concept "

Julia Ruiz

3rd year internship

Freshly graduated from the 1984 school, I acquired during these years of training a certain rigor in my work and a certain professionalism. Through the school's alumni network and with Jimmy's support, I found an internship at the Extreme communications agency, in the Corporate and Luxury division.

This involves developing all of the brands' internal print communication media. I joined a team of 16 people, creative and commercial alike, and for the past month I have acquired a certain autonomy because I work on projects in pairs with a project manager who provides the link with the client.

Extreme is an agency made up of 200 people, clients and projects are numerous, this allowed me to acquire flexibility and speed of execution and essential creation. Today, doing an internship can be the gateway to a job, it's a good way to integrate and prove yourself for a possible sequel.

Pauline Sachez

Post-graduation internship

Testimonials from interns


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