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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris

The Graphic Curriculum


Dedicated to graphic and experience design*, our comprehensive and innovative training adapts to the students' pace of learning and to the constant changes in the artistic director's profession. Our students are committed, passionate and operational creatives, ready to enter the job market.

* conceptual approach to customer experience.

  Artistic director

Our first cycle validates the skills necessary to become an artistic director, in an agency or with an advertiser. This round  gives all the keys to be a designer of creative, innovative and structured ideas, to be a good manager and above all to be able to create and decline an identity on all media (digital, print, video, experience...).

  The subjects

The materials are  diverse because we want our students to be multidisciplinary and to be able to adapt to all types of projects. Strategy,  identity, typography, publishing, packaging, illustration, ux/ui design, web design, social media, motion design, editing,  photo/video capture, 3D...

  The school & the agency

Inseparable from each other for a single purpose  : BECOME A PROFESSIONAL. To present yourself with the best chances on the job market, diplomas are essential, but experience is paramount. This is why the 1984 school works hand in hand with the creative agency 1984-INC.

  Professional immersion

The 1984 educational approach therefore combines multidisciplinary theoretical teaching and professional immersion. From the first year, students collaborate as a team in the reflection and realization of creative responses within the framework of real professional projects carried out by our integrated agency.

  Towards the professional world

These projects expand their portfolio, familiarize them with agency operations and creative processes and give them a real first professional experience.

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