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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris

The Art & Design Prep


A year that facilitates student orientation projects, it does not lead to obtaining a diploma but to an opening to the world of creation and its many possibilities.

  Acquire the basics

The preparatory class  is a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary year allowing students to acquire the theoretical, technical and methodological bases common to all sectors of the Applied Arts.

  Discover and discover yourself

This year touches on everything, dense in discoveries and learning allows the student to identify his artistic personality and his affinities with the different specialties.

  Integrated first year

In order to integrate our higher cycle, it is essential to acquire the basics of the construction of an image: drawing,  the composition, the rhythm, the layout... Elementary notions brought by this intensive year. 

  The Drawings

The  miscellaneous drawing lessons  you  We will learn all the basics: Analysis drawing, Exterior sketch, Observation drawing, Morphology, Volume illustration, Accent drawing.

  Creative materials

An overview of the applied arts will be offered to you through courses in  : Creative techniques,  Typography, Color, Photography, Various software, Linocut, Screen printing, Binding, Lettering, Street art, Culture and Art History...

Prepa Design Graphique Paris - Formation Directeur Artistique
Prepa Art Design Paris - Dessin et Croquis
Ecole Privée Designer Paris - Préparer son Book
Devenir Directeur Artistique - l'exemple du book
Ecole Design Graphique Paris - Apprendre à dessiner
La Typographie à l'Ecole Arts Graphique Paris
Ecole Design Graphique Paris - Exercices Book

The 1894 exercises

4 exercises to expand your portfolio and prepare for your meeting!


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