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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris

Integrate our

Art & design preparation

4 exercises for

expand your portfolio!

1. Draw

Trace 4  pencil faces  on paper: a woman, an elderly man, a baby, an animal.

Redo its 4 faces without tracing with other tools, pen, marker, colored pencil...

2. Photograph

Take 10 pictures.

  With your phone, ipad, disposable device or camera.

  10 scenes from your daily life.

  Think of  the light, the framing and the story conveyed by your image.

3. Experiment

  Edit your photos and have fun creating new images.

  Download applications on your smartphone such as: Snapseed, Prisma, Glitché, Decim8...

  Test a maximum of effects, going through different applications.

4. Discover

  Create a Pinterest account and make themed boards with images that touch you. 

  Choose themes that inspire you, for example: typography, fashion, posters, photographs...


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