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Ecole de Design Graphique à Paris

The School of Design is a unique design school in France based in Paris . Located in the 18th arrondissement of the capital, our Design school aims to be multicultural, dynamic and creative.

A city of excellence and culture, we have chosen the City of Light to welcome students wishing to train for the professions of the future, the professions of graphic design. We offer our students jobs based on artistic creativity mixed with the digital world. Brand designer , motion designer , web designer , UX/UI designer , illustrator , layout designer, packaging designer and art director .

If you are passionate about art , design and your thirst for artistic culture is insatiable, then the graphic design school in Paris, 1984 School of Design is for you.

Culture of difference, of artistic renewal, by integrating our design school , we open the doors to success for you! The training offered by our establishment will allow you to develop your artistic knowledge and your creative spirit. Marketing, design, artistic direction or digital communication, make the choice of excellence, choose the 1984 School of Design in Paris!

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris , our design school is near the charming Montmartre hill, adorned with the majestic Sacré-Coeur basilica. Formerly inhabited by Picasso and Dali, our school has managed to preserve the soul of an old village of artists and mix it with the cultural revival so typical of the City of Light.  

Why enroll at 1984 School of Design in Paris

Did you just get your baccalaureate ?  Are you bursting with creativity and want to make a living out of your difference? 1984 School of Design in Paris is a school based on the cult of art taken to its extreme.

Why choose our Design School in Paris?

Our design school is a higher education institution that offers training in the applied arts and plastic arts sector . The difference with other art schools is that we offer you professional immersion from the start. Work-study, internship in a communication company , digital marketing and cultural environment, we immerse you and immerse you as soon as you start your university year. Our objective ? Develop your skills and your creativity so that you can then practice design professions all over the world by representing French artistic excellence .

Multidisciplinary theoretical lessons and professional immersion , you will be equipped to live from your artistic passion by enrolling at 1984 School of Design in Paris .


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